Increase Your Revenue Using SMS

It has been thought by many in the telecom industry that SMS has become commodity technology and is past its prime. But Telestax believes this could not be further from the truth. The rise of Real Time Communications has brought the importance on SMS technology to a new level, placing it at the core of most real time communications applications. SMS is becoming the lingua franca of real time communication.


A PBX Inside A Web Browser – No Hardware Required!


What if we told you that small to midsized companies could leverage the same professional PBX capabilities currently being utilized by larger companies – at a fraction of the price? Our speaker, Moshe Maeir, has built this remarkable system and is currently offering it to customers world-wide. Moshe will explain the beauty of fone.do, the decisions he made while building out its functionality and the technology partners he selected. Fone.do was a Best In Show Award winner at ITExpo 2016.

A PBX inside a web browser – no hardware required

The perfect pair for real-time communications apps – Restcomm and Dialogic Media Server


Building innovative web-RTC-based communications applications that include messaging, video and/or voice can be technologically challenging – until now. Two leading-edge companies, Telestax and Dialogic, have partnered to tightly integrate their advanced technologies so developers can focus on business logic and not on software infrastructure.