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We are happy to announce the Restcomm SMSC GW 7.2.0 release and Telscale SMSC GW 7.2.1.GA release are out ! Restcomm SMSC GW 7.2.0 release is a community release, Telscale SMSC GW 7.2.1.GA is for Telestax customers. Changelog Most notable changes and features of the Telscale SMSC GW 7.2 releases: 1) SMSC...

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17 Sep Restcomm-Connect 7.9.0.GA Release Announcement

We are excited to announce the release of Restcomm-Connect 7.9.0.GA with some great performance improvements, a lot of bug fixes and several new features. This release highlights are: Huge performance improvement by VoiceInterpreter refactoring - New metrics for MonitoringService to help better monitor Restcomm-Connect:

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13 May Telscale Restcomm 7.6.1.GA patch release

Today we are happy to announce the patch release for Telscale Restcomm 7.6.1. This release comes with several bug fixes and some new features and security enhancements, more important: Dial fork bug fix - Blocking of SIP scanners - Properly handle and clean up...

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