Restcomm is a turnkey Cloud Communications Platform designed to enable the rapid development and deployment of voice, video and text messaging applications using mainstream web development skills. Our suite of solutions removes the development complexity associated with traditional telecom infrastructure, leaving you to focus on getting customer centric solutions to market quickly and easily.

Telestax Solutions Restcomm Core

Restcomm Core™

A full stack of fully virtualized core telephony network products that is essential for the operation of mobile and fixed, SS7 and IMS networks. Restcomm core elements are used in 80% of Tier 1 telecoms as well as 70% of enterprise communication infrastructure. Restcomm core elements include jSS7, jSIP, jDiameter, JSLEE, SIP Servlets, SMSC, USSD, GMLC, CCS and others.

Telestax Solutions Restcomm-Connect

Restcomm Connect™ (API’s)

A Real Time Communications app server designed for web developers. Restcomm Connect provides a simple and powerful set of REST/JSON APIs as well as mobile SDKs for call control, voice, video, messaging, location, recording, playback and many other key RTC features that can be embedded in web sites and smart-phone apps.

Telestax Solutions Restcomm Cloud

Restcomm Cloud™

A Real Time Communications platform as a service that reduces substantially the time it takes to deploy and scale RTC apps. Restcomm Cloud provides a visual development and deployment environment that allows developers to rapidly create and publish apps that address a specific use case or business workflow. Enterprise users have a wide range of choices from a global marketplace of specialized apps that are ready to configure and run.


With Telestax you can develop and deploy scalable voice applications that enable connectivity and control, without breaking your budget. From Call Control and IVR to Conferencing, Recording and Playback, (and much much more), the functionality included in our toolbox covers all your voice needs.

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Our webRTC API allows organizations to embed rich video communications into web and application environments. WebRTC integrates directly into web browsers, extending integrated collaboration functionality to; customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

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Telestax’s SMSC solutions enable telecoms, enterprises, and service providers to support group and individual text messaging for sales, marketing teams, customer service reps and more.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how we manage, monitor, and measure end-point devices. These devices can be anything energy meters, submeters on HVAC systems, and thermostats in consumers homes. IoT has become more of a business strategy, rather than a technology in search of a solution. Companies can enjoy improved efficiency of deployed assets, better customer service, and longer life-cycles of equipment.

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Telestax does the heavy lifting for you