Production Support Scope of Coverage

TeleStax provides full production support after the original release date of a major version of a Restcomm C3 product as explained in Support Policy. Telestax does not offer support for any Restcomm C3 instances in production that are not licensed as part of a subscription plan.


Covered Services:

• Support with issues that arise from using Telestax licensed products in production deployment, where
• Production Deployment is defined as Serving Live End User traffic for Commercial, Prime Time use, and
• There is reasonable doubt that an issue is caused by a Telestax product


Out of Scope:

• Production application issues
• 3rd party products
• Technology preview features
• Performance tuning
• Development consulting


Development Support Scope of Coverage

You can take advantage of the TeleStax experts advise during any phase of your development cycle. TeleStax understands that software development done correctly from the beginning requires less support during operation. It is in our best interest to work closely with your development team to ensure great end user experience for your apps in production deployment.

Blocks of hours of Telestax development support and consulting time can be purchased and allocated for one of the following activities:

  • Priority Development: This service is intended for accelerating development of features planned on the Restcomm C3 product roadmap. This service is not work for hire; the TeleStax Corporate Contributor Agreement (CCA) will cover all resulting code. Accepting the corporate contributor agreement is a prerequisite for this service.
  • Project Consulting: This service is available onsite or remotely via teleconferencing. It is intended for short-term engagements to bootstrap a new project with review of the overall architecture, best practices, high availability, fault tolerance and scalability. TeleStax also recommends this service towards the end of a development cycle to help fine tune the application code for performance and prepare for streamlined production deployment and maintenance.
    Onsite engagements require at least one-month notice. The minimum duration of onsite engagement is three days. The customer covers all travel and accommodation fees for Telestax consultants.


  • Online Development Support: This service is intended for help with issues such as code bugs, minor enhancements requests, API usage and design.

TeleStax provides full development support after the original release date of a major version of a Restcomm C3 product as explained in Support Policy. Telestax does not offer support for any software downloaded outside of Telestax’s support portal.


Scope of Online Development Support:

• Installation
• Usage
• Configuration
• Performance tuning
• Integration with 3rd party products
• Development diagnosis


Scope of Development Project Consulting:

• Application architecture
• Application design
• Best practices
• Fine tuning
• Application porting


Out of Scope:

• Production application issues
• Extensive custom application debugging
• 3rd party products
• Technology preview features