Restcomm Cloud Edition is here!

19 Aug Restcomm Cloud Edition is here!

We are happy to share that we reached a major milestone from the 2013 roadmap. The Cloud Communications Building Blocks we promised in the beginning of the year are now coming to live.

Restcomm Cloud Edition brings to enterprises and service providers 0 CAPEX solution to liberating their real time communications infrastructure.

Enterprises with tens or hundreds of thousands of call minutes per month who have negotiated wholesale call rates with service providers will immediately benefit from a modern, highly productive and scalable telephony API that allows them to extend their business workflows with intelligent voice and SMS features.

Restcomm Cloud Edition also allows service providers to exit the rat race of razor thin rate margins and offer unique value added services tailored to their subscriber demographics.

For a limited time, we are going to offer FREE access to qualifying companies. To apply for free access to a Restcomm Cloud account, please submit the following online form.

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