RestComm 1.0.0.BETA2 is out !

06 Nov RestComm 1.0.0.BETA2 is out !

The RestComm team has worked very hard to bring Beta 2 to fruition. The platform is more solid than ever and the documentation has been improved to help you get started faster.

In this release the focus was on stability and convenience features. Listed below are some of the major additions and bug fixes :

  • Complete Java Wrapper
  • User Agent registration and other features that allow RestComm to act as a full featured PBX.
  • OPTIONS Ping support
  • An extensive Regression Test Suite (Courtesy of George Vagenas)
  • A TTS pre-caching API (Courtesy of George Vagenas)
  • Support for AT&T Natural Voices.
  • Improved Documentation
  • Mobicents Media Server 3.0.0.CR1
  • Bug Fixes

Check the complete RestComm Road Map to see what’s cooking ahead.
To provide feedback on the release, please feel free to post a mail on the mailing list of RestComm public google group or post an issue on

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