Community Channel


We use Gitter Restcomm-Connect channel for community to reach the core team and discuss openly community issues.

Gitter is fairly simple to use and similar to slack. We(the developer team) wanted to have a public place in which we discuss our goals and progress. On weekly basis, our teams hold meetings, during which each team discuses last week’s work and plans next week. Those meetings are public and anyone can join. Second reason for this channel to exist is a need of feedback and contact with community users.

The weekly team meetings are scheduled as follows:

Q: Who is on the channel?

A: This is public channel. Anyone is free to join or leave. So among developers, there are also community users present on the channel.

Q:How to ask questions?

A:This is quite important. We(developers) are not constantly watching #restcomm-connect for activity, we just check at times if something is going on on the channel( even though we are there, we are hacking, thats our job). If you fire away your question it may take a while for someone to notice. However if you include developer nickname in question, it will spawn notification on his machine. For instance:

  • badly formed question: ‘Im having problems with installation of JSLEE server, is there any guide?’
  • properly formed question: ‘gvagenas: Im having problems with installation of JSLEE server, is there any guide?’

Q: Who should be asked about certain topic?

A: Each project has list of developers involved, for example RestComm Contributors.

Q: What I can ask about?

A: Anything. However this channel is not support channel. It is public, community channel. Core developers are not bound in anyway to guide you through Restcomm setup. Restcomm is community project, it has documentation.