TeleStax leads and maintains the following Open Source projects that constitute the RestComm family. The Telestax Open Source Playbook details the rules of engagement with the Open Source community of users and contributors. Telestax also offers commercial grade products based on the Open Source code base.
Restcomm Connect Open Source Architecture Diagram


TeleStax also contributes to the following FOSS projects


Telestax depends on a long list of Open Source projects. We are also very grateful and fortunate to have a thriving community of users and contributors. See the Contributors Hall of Fame and various acknowledgments for contributions to our open source ecosystem.

New Contributors

Are you considering contributing to one of the open source projects lead by TeleStax? We would be happy to have you on our team.

Before submitting a patch or committing directly to a project’s source code repository, please read and accept either the Individual or the Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CLA). To accept the CLA, please fill in and submit the form below.