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Telestax’s RestcommONE Ecosystem includes the most innovative voice, video, messaging and IoT applications available in the market today. Tested and approved by Telestax, they’re proven and ready to go.

CENSON. A Complete Solution For Remote Patient Care, Patient Monitoring, and Medical Collaboration.

CENSON®Care is a universal e-health solution that offers the flexibility to adapt to national as well as local clinical guidelines – by using disease-specific clinical workflows. CENSON®Care is easily adaptable to any condition or chronic disease. It includes a Web portal and Tablet app. The Censon solution allows service providers to equip hospitals, HMOs, insurance companies, and other healthcare providers with a full solution for remote medical care.


Gintel’s Easy Business Communications suite is a powerful solution that enables service providers to launch hosted PBX and mobile services on top of RestcommONE Marketplace for business customers. It supports powerful call management and routing capabilities, together with a comprehensive switchboard and user interfaces. It includes rich voicemail, as well as a range of modular extensions, such as integration with Skype for Business. Easy Business Communications Suite enriches business communications, enhancing productivity and reachability, while allowing service providers to increase customer value and grow revenue.

InteliWISE. AI Chatbot Virtual Assistant, Live Chat and Messaging.

InteliWISE is enabling the digital transformation of Customer Engagement and Service by providing intelligent, AI-powered, industry-leading cloud-based services. Used for both automated and live-assisted customer engagement and e-commerce, they are deployed by enterprises and public sector organizations.

Lumin. Turbocharge Your Human Live-Chat Workforce.

Lumin raises the bar on conversation with AI-as-a-Service. It boosts agent capacity and agility and leaves them free to provide high quality, sensitive communication when needed. Our platform integrates with a broad range of messaging channels and systems and takes advantage of each channel’s unique strengths.

Midori. Messaging is Happening Now!

Today chatbots are redefining how brands communicate and engage with their consumers. Now you can leverage the power of an intuitive, simplified web application that combines the power of responsive scripting with the convenience of Chatbots from Midori. Our interactive platform offers SMSC/MMSC providers and enterprise customers the ability to create dynamic, cross-network Chatbots quickly and easily.

Rocket Hangar MessageBoard. Make the Move.

Rocket Hangar MessageBoard is the SMS enablement solution of choice for RestcommONE. It provides all the capabilities you need to quickly SMS enable landline and toll-free numbers no matter who the supplier is. It allows you to control access to each number and connects your numbers to all the best-of- breed chatbots. And, using powerful data appenders, it captures all of the messaging traffic you’ve been missing.

Simfony Mobile. Connecting Devices, People and The Web.

Simfony Mobile provides a versatile and easy-to-use IoT Cloud Platform, powering a wide range of solutions in multiple industries. By choosing our platform, companies will be able to pick and choose the building blocks needed for their future IoT projects, from global connectivity to data analytics, all based on a cloud-cost model. Simfony’s out-of-the-box solutions are designed to increase business efficiency and ROI.

Somos Discovery offers multiple applications that enhance RestcommONE’s CPaaS functionality. Solutions include a cloud based multi-tenant virtual IVR/PBX, telephony reminder applications, SMS broadcasting, SMS alerts, and telephony intercom security applications. Somos facilitates communication between companies and their users through mobile, conventional and Internet Telephony, generating value-added services that are scalable and highly available.

TeligentIP. The Standard for Everything IP.

TeligentIP is a leading IP services provider that merges advanced voice applications with the cloud. It enables call centers with SMS resulting in improved customer service, support and a better customer experience using the RestCommONE platform. And it offers complete end-to-end IP telephony over one of the largest IP networks in the country.

Virtual Meeting Rooms. 100% WebRTC.

Veeting Rooms offers the most advanced text, audio and video chat technology. It delivers clear voice and video real-time communications solutions and provides a wide array of the latest features from white board and document sharing to video presentations. The virtual meeting environment is entirely browser-based so no extra software or plugins are needed and it’s scalable, affordable and easy to use.

Voxist. Smart, Personalized Voicemail Starts Here.

Voxist is the mobile app that replaces old voicemail systems with real-time communications. Think of it as your virtual personal assistant. Now you can see all of your voicemails on one screen; instantly read your voicemails with text transcription; receive your voicemails by email; personalize greetings to specific callers and much more.

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