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Telestax announces Telscale SMSC GW 6.2.3.GA release.

Important notice is that Cassandra database 1.2 is no longer supported. Take into consideration that fact while considering switching to new SMSC GW version.

Changes and features of the Telscale SMSC GW 6.2.3.GA release

  1. Switched to Cassandra database driver 2.1. Cassandra databases 2.0 and 2.1 are supported now (2.1 is recommended).
    Cassandra database 1.2 is no longer supported. If you use this version you need to switch to 2.* SMSC GW before update.
  2. mproc rules interface was changed:
    – moved to a separate package (mproc-api)
    – change of the MProcRule interface: onPostImsiRequest() is applied to a concrete Sms, to for SmsSet
    – minor mproc rules MProcRule interface updates:
    boolean matches(MProcMessage message);
    boolean matches(MProcMessageDestination messageDest);
    void onPostImsiRequest(PostImsiProcessor factory, MProcMessageDestination messages) throws Exception;
    boolean matchesPostArrival(MProcMessage message);
    boolean matchesPostImsiRequest(MProcMessage message);
    boolean matchesPostDelivery(MProcMessage message);
    void onPostImsiRequest(PostImsiProcessor factory, MProcMessage message) throws Exception;
    – adding of originatorSccpAddress parameter into MProcMessage interface
  3. Default mproc rules:
    – added dropaftersri / origesmenamemask parameters
    – fixed the issue when originatorSccpAddress was null for home routing originating messages
  4. Functionality for cashing of SRI responses
  5. Diameter interface AVP list update:
    – SMSC-Address 2017 is filled not only for MO messages (value is taken from SMSC GW config – ServiceCenterAddress field that depends on networkId of a message)
    – Originator-Interface AVP – contains origination interface message definition (networkId and ESME name)
    – Address-Type of (Originator-Received-Address and Recipient-Address) can have two values: 1 (msisdn) for TON=1 and 6 (others) for others TON
    – AVP order is changed (to fit a specification)
  6. Special Home routing mode when SMSC GW bypass SRI requests to a local HLR
  7. Support for ENQUIRE messages for SERVER type ESMEs
  8. Support for “Intermediate Delivery Reports” (delivery receipts after temporary failures)

Latest documentation for SMSC GW can be found online at:

For Telscale SMSC GW customers, binary files can be downloaded from

There is no community SMSC GW release for this version.

If you discover a bug or you have suggestions for a new feature, we would like to hear from you. Please report SMSC GW bugs and new features at or use the public forum!forum/restcomm.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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