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TelScale SIP Servlets 8.0.0.GA is now available!

We are proud to announce TelScale SIP Servlets 8.0.0.GA, certified against the Sip Servlets 1.1 specification and working on top of  Tomcat 8.0.26, Wildfly 10.0.0.Final, , and JBoss EAP7.0.

Furthermore, this product release comes with the following new features:

  • Support new Server JBoss EAP 7.0 and Wildfly 10, which run with Java 8.
  • Modify 487 response reason.

In addition, this product release also has the following fixes ReleaseNotes.

As a result, there are new binaries and documentation available in our Support Portal.

Many thanks to the following contributors who were highly involved in the process of making this release possible:

  • Hoan Luu Huu (
  •  Sverkera(

Interested in the leading open source Container with Commercial-Grade Support? Do not hesitate anymore and contact us.

All of our existing customers can download the latest binaries from our support portal under the Premium Content section.

Help us improve the project by asking questions, reporting bugs and contributing back.
Your feedback is highly appreciated!

You can even be part of the Open Source GitHub RestComm project family by contributing patches, documentation or tests. Read our Open Source Playbook to get started.

Top contributors will be given the opportunity to apply for a job at TeleStax!

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