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Telestax announces Telscale jSS7 7.0.1 GA release.

Changes and features of the Telscale jSS7 7.0.1.GA release

  • MAP: IstCommand operation implemented
  • MAP: XML serialization of ATI response (partly)
  • ISUP: GenericDigits message – added String digits support in encoding and decoding
  • SCCP routing rules: SSN is compared if present when rule is matched over pattern
  • SS7 Simulator:
    – added error sending option in anyTimeInterogation server ATI_TEST_SERVER
    – added simulating of checkIMEI operation (CHECK_IMEI_TEST_CLIENT, CHECK_IMEI_TEST_SERVER)
  • SLEE: Providing jboss-beans.xml for a dialog board usage case
  • fixed bug that leaded congestion in dailog boards case
  • Latest documentation for SMSC GW can be found online at:

For Telscale jSS7 stack and RAs customers, binary files can be downloaded from

If you discover a bug or you have suggestions for a new feature, we would like to hear from you. Please report jSS7 stack and RAs bugs and new features at or use the public forum.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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