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RestComm SMPP-Extensions Stack and RA 7.0 RELEASED!

TeleStax is pleased to announce the release of  RestComm SMPP-extensions stack and RA 7.0 !

Telscale SMPP-extensions and RA will be prepared later to the next release.

SMPP-extensions and SMPP RA can be used for getting access to SMPP part in projects under JBOSS server. SMPP RA supports now JBOSS 5.1 and WildFly 10 servers.


This is the first release of SMPP-extensions and SMPP RA.

You can read more about these in the GitHub directory here:


We do not have a separate documentation for SMPP stack and RA so far. Description of SMPP management can be found as a part of SMSC GW manual SMPP Server Settings and External Short Messaging Entities (ESMEs). Latest documentation for all Telestax stack family can be found online at

Finally all Restcomm SMPP stack community users can download the binaries from here: and .

Help us improve the project by asking questions, reporting bugs for stack and RAs and contributing back for stack and RAs.
Your feedback is highly appreciated!

You can even be part of the Open Source GitHub RestComm project family by contributing patches, documentation or tests. Read our Open Source Playbook to get started and check the SMPP  project Roadmap where we have already marked issues with “Help Wanted”.

Sergey Vetyutnev

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