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Restcomm Load Balancer 8.1.0 Final Released!

TeleStax is pleased to announce on GitHub the Restcomm Load Balancer 8.1.0 Final release!

Restcomm Load Balancer 8.1.0 Final release has new features. Check out a list of some of them below:

  • Added support of Graceful Shutdown
  • Added the new work mode to SMPP Load balancer: client connections = server connections
  • Optimized the starting process of SIP Load balancer
  • Added possibility to get the list of nodes connected to the Load balancer
  • Fixed small bugs

To begin with check the entire changelog here.

Secondly the latest stable build of Restcomm Load Balancer is available here.

Help us improve the project by asking questions, reporting bugs and contributing back.
We highly appreciate your feedback!

Last but not least you can even be part of the Open Source GitHub RestComm project family by contributing patches, documentation or tests. Read our Open Source Playbook to get started and check the Load Balancer Roadmap where we have already marked issues with “Help Wanted”.

Top contributors will have the opportunity to apply for a job at TeleStax!

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