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Restcomm-Connect 8.2.1.GA release

Restcomm-Connect team is happy to announce Restcomm-Connect 8.2.1.GA release.

This release comes with several new features and bug fixes, the most important ones are:

You can check the full change log here:

A big thanks for the community members that helped in this release!

  • Yorgos Saslis for various improvements in the documentation and tutorials
  • Hien Nguyen for various fixes and improvements in the Restcomm-Connect Dashboard
  • Paras Kumar for the initial version of .Net SDK
  • MD Sharique for the initial version of Python SDK
  • Mithilesh Reddy for the updates on Java SDK for Branch accounts and applications
  • Muhammad Bilal for several fixes and improvements in the Rest API and Dashboard

Community user can download Restcomm-Connect 8.2.1.GA binary

RestcommOne customers binary download link:

Latest and updated documentation:

Your feedback is highly appreciated. If you discover a bug or you have suggestions for a new feature, we would like to hear from you. Please report Restcomm-Connect bugs and new features at or use the public forum!forum/restcomm

You can even be part of the Open Source GitHub RestComm-Connect project by contributing patches, documentation or tests.

Visit for more news, tutorials and documentation and stay tuned for more, just make sure you subscribe to Telestax newsletter and follow us on Twitter so you miss nothing.


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