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Restcomm Client iOS SDK Beta 4 is out

We are proud to announce 1.0.0 BETA 4 release of Restcomm Client iOS SDK, packed with brand new features.

Restcomm Client for iOS allows you to leverage the telecommunication features of Restcomm. It offers a simple yet efficient Objective-C API that you can use to add rich communications capabilities to your iOS Apps.

Features for this release:

  • Introduced Cellular Data calling after fixing some TURN related issues in the media facilities.
  • Added TLS support for signaling facilities. Now both signaling and media traffic can be encrypted depending on RCDevice configuration.
  • Improved audio routing transitions. Now user can change from earpiece to loudspeaker to headphones without issues.
  • Simplified URIs across the board. Now instead of having to use sip:+1235@cloud.restcomm.com, you can just use +1235 in all SDK APIs given that you have properly setup Domain.
  • Simplified connectivity events in the Restcomm Client API to keep only the necessary ones to avoid confusion.
  • Improved error reporting and fixed various issues in the proper preservation of RCDevice state that caused an App to sometimes behave unpredicably
  • Improved microphone/camera permission grant that sometimes caused unpredicable behavior.
  • Improved RCConnection Connected event to fire when Webrtc ICE is actually connected as opposed to signaling completing the call handshake which was misleading.
  • Introduced a welcome wizard to Olympus sample App to make configuration more streamlined and intuitive
  • Introduced Webrtc TURN settings screen and improved SIP Settings screen.
  • Renamed our Client App from Messenger to Olympus to follow the convention we have for our web client. The ultimate goal is to use the same naming for all Client Apps that utilize the Restcomm Client SDK on any device (i.e. Web, iOS and Android).
  • Introduced custom URI schemes in Olympus for Inter-App communication. This means that a foreign App with no telecom facilities can place a call via Olympus App towards any Restcomm (and hence potentially any PSTN) number using restcomm-tel:<telephone number>. There are additional schemes supported to call a Restcomm Client and a SIP URI.
  • Enabled distribution of Olympus App using the Apple Enterprise program. Community can finally download and use the App without having to get into sending the UDID and all that fuss. Please check below for the link to the latest .ipa package.
  • Implemented toast-like notifications for easy to read events in the Olympus sample Applications
  • Several improvements in the Olympus sample application. Here’s a screenshot to get an idea:
    iOS Olympus
  • Did various stability fixes and enhancements (please refer to Changelog below for more information)

Project home: https://github.com/Restcomm/restcomm-ios-sdk

Changelog: https://github.com/Restcomm/restcomm-ios-sdk/issues?q=milestone%3A%221.0.0+BETA4+release%22

Quick Start guide: http://docs.telestax.com/restcomm-client-ios-sdk-quick-start/
Reference Documentation: http://restcomm.github.io/restcomm-ios-sdk/doc/html/

If you are interested to get your hands dirty with the new Olympus Client Application and see the SDK in action, you can install the .ipa directly, from:


As always, feel free to jump in and play with the SDK code and contribute. If you have any questions please post at the Restcomm forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/restcomm or to Stack Overflow usint tag restcomm



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