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Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK Beta 6 is out!

We are proud to announce the 6th Beta release of Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK that comes with a focus on stabilization, serviceability, testability and various API improvements.

Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK allows you to leverage the telecommunication features of Restcomm Connect. It offers a simple yet efficient Java API that you can use to add rich communications capabilities to your Apps.

Features for this release:

  • Provided better error reporting in the SDK’s API by introducing clear exceptions. To that end also improved error handling so that RuntimeExceptions are not overused and the user gets better input of what is wrong.
  • Improved validations in SDK’s API so that the user is in a better position to figure out what is wrong when the API isn’t used properly. At the same time lifted some stringent checks so that some arguments can be omitted and hence make the usage of the API simpler (for example VideoViews are no longer needed if the call is audio-only)
  • Simplified the RCDevice callbacks and removed some that were unnecessary; this means that boilerplate code is reduced significantly
  • Continued working on CI & CD facilities using Travis CI and improved the build flows so that the team can build more efficiently, as well as laid foundation for automated testing of community Pull Requests. Also fixed CI/CD scripts to properly convey errors in the travis UI. Finally, improved CI/CD scripts so that SDK artifacts are automatically uploaded to Maven Central.
  • UI tests using Android Espresso are introduced for the WebRTC Demo App. Moreover integrated with Firebase Test Lab so that these tests are ran in Firebase Test Lab (either emulator or real device) when Travis is used
  • Improved Reference Documentation to make it clearer how to use the API
  • Introduced message delivery status in the WebRTC Demo App
  • Made various bug fixes and enhancements. For an exhaustive list please refer to the change log below.

Some additional resources

Meet the Community

Interested in getting your hands dirty with the new Olympus Application? See the SDK in action by installing the community .apk directly from TestFairy.

Feel free to jump in and play with the SDK code. If you want to become an open source contributor we’ll be glad to meet you. There’s always cool stuff waiting to be developed. Check our future milestones & associated issues to get a taste:

If you have any questions please post at the Restcomm forum:!forum/restcomm

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