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Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK Beta 5 is out!

We are proud to announce the fifth Beta release of Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK, packed with cool new features.

Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK allows you to leverage the telecommunication features of Restcomm Connect. It offers a simple yet efficient Java API that you can use to add rich communications capabilities to your Apps.

Features for this release:

  • Introduced CD facilities using Travis CI; Olympus App and SDK reference doc are automatically deployed. CI foundation has been laid. Next we will be adding fully automated testing facilities.
  • Added emulator support for SDK and Olympus App; this paves the way for various testing strategies in Travis CI.
  • Updated to latest WebRTC library. Now using ready-made libwebrtc.aar instead of scattered .jar and .so files.
  • Exposed audio and video codec settings like which audio (opus, isac) and video codec (vp8, vp9, h264) to use, video resolution and video frame rate.
  • Introduced bug reporting facilities inside Olympus App for faster turnaround on issues.
  • Added support for SIP OPTIONS to facilitate heartbeat mechanism.
  • Added support for websocket transport for signaling traffic.
  • Improved inter-App integration. Added support for calling via SDK when using the default Android Contacts App.
  • Made various bug fixes and enhancements. For an exhaustive list please refer to the change log below.

Project home:


Quick Start guide:
Reference Documentation:

Interested in getting your hands dirty with the new Olympus Application? See the SDK in action by installing the .apk directly from TestFairy:

Feel free to jump in and play with the SDK code. If you want to become an open source contributor we’ll be glad to meet you. There’s always cool stuff waiting to be developed. Check our future milestones & associated issues to get a taste:

If you have any questions please post at the Restcomm forum:!forum/restcomm

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