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Public RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE Training Session in Dubai

Are you a JAIN-SLEE developer eager to create your own customer service/SBB? Newbie or a pro, we will get you up to speed with the Telestax RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE training session on 10-14th July at Nassima Royal Hotel in Dubai.

What would you learn?
  • JAIN-SLEE concept and  fundamentals
  • RestcommONE JSLEE server specifics
  • JAIN-SLEE hands on (real-life business examples)


Who should attend?

Anyone with proficiency level of Java and Event model, interested in building applications on top of JAIN-SLEE.

Check out the event agenda.


What is the registration fee?

Registration fee is  $1500 per participant.  To complete your registration payment, please reach out to your account manager (if you are already a Telestax customer) or send out an email to



Public RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE Training Session in DubaiJaime Casero
, SIP lead and JAIN-SLEE developer at Telestax will be leading the training session. He is experienced in all software phases (requirement gathering, architecture, design, implementation, testing, integration and maintenance). His goal is to guide development teams to success, by mentoring them using best practices and technologies, removing impediments.

At the end of the class you will have enough skills to build RestcommONE JSLEE services on your own.



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