June 14, 2016
Telestax announces Telscale SMSC GW 6.2.3.GA release. Important notice is that Cassandra database 1.2 is no longer supported. Take into consideration that fact while considering switching to new SMSC GW version. Changes and features of the Telscale SMSC GW 6.2.3.GA release Switched to Cassandra database driver 2.1. Cassandra databases 2.0 and 2.1 are supported now (2.1 is recommended). Cassandra database 1.2 is no longer supported. If you use this version you...

Load Balancer Performance Tests

June 11, 2016
Network Schema   Description SIPp script1 acts as a client located in a host and send SIP Message/Register to the Load Balancer, the Load Balancer forwards the SIP Message/Registe to two SIPp scripts which act as SIP Servlets. How to run screen msgC ./sipp –sn uac –sf msg.xml/reg.xml  -i  -r  2700   Screen msgS1 ./sipp –sn uas –sf rmsg.xml/rreg.xml  -i  -p 5060   Screen msgS2 ./sipp...

SIP Servlets and Load Balancer Performance Test For Customer

June 11, 2016
1.      Background One of the TeleStax customers wants to use the SIP Servlets as one part of its customer service system. The SIP Servlets in the customer service system must handle SIP Message and Register and using the Load Balancer to increase the capacity the number of concurrent users. According to the business service scenarios of Ping An , show as below, we design this test plan. 2. Scenarios In this test plan, it covers two scenarios, one is testing the...

RestComm Media Server 4.1.1 Released!

June 10, 2016
TeleStax is pleased to announce that RestComm Media Server 4.1.1 has been released on github! This new minor release adds several important patches on top of previous version, improving overall stability of the Media Server. The entire changelog can be found here: #162 NPE when trying to play announcement #163 PacketHandlerPipeline: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException #164 Concurrency problems in PlayCollect #167 Bad response format when PlayCollect fire OF event ...


June 10, 2016
TeleStax is pleased to announce the release of  RestComm JSS7 stack and RAs 7.0.0 on GitHub! There are 4 releases along: JASN 2.1.0 SCTP 1.7.0 JSS7 7.0.0 JSS7 RAs 7.0.0   Many enhancements have been done in this release including adding new operations, removing bugs and improvement of the stability. Check out the Installation Guide and User Guide to Restcomm jSS7. Help us improve the project by asking questions, reporting bugs and...

Restcomm-Connect 7.7.0.GA release

May 31, 2016
Today we are excited to announce the release of Restcomm-Connect 7.7.0.GA. While the Telscale Restcomm 7.6.1 patch release, was available only to Telscale Restcomm-Connect customers this release will be available for both Telscale and community users. The highlights for this release are: For Conference, music on hold for the first participant - Support for WebRTC clients to dial out using system's...

Restcomm conference music on hold

May 31, 2016
You might already know that using Restcomm and RVD, you can can create a conference bridge with no hassle. You can also control whether the Conference will start or not and whether music on hold will be played while Conference is not started. So you can have RCML, <Response> <Say>Welcome to the conference bridge</Say> <Say>When moderator joins you will be connected</Say> <Dial> <Conference startConferenceOnEnter="false"...

Restcomm support WebRTC clients to dial out to PSTN

May 31, 2016
You might have already tried Olympus WebRTC client that comes by default with Restcomm If not, you should. Using Olympus WebRTC client you can have a full blown client without a piece of software installed in your machine. You can check documentation at Also you should check the Olympus mobile clients here ,...

Which Open Source Communications Platform Has The Most Active Community?

May 20, 2016
Last week, we blogged about the impressive milestone reached by Restcomm’s real-time communications platform. If you did not have a chance to read the blog, you can find it HERE. This week I invite you to play a little game of guess the order. Although Restcomm currently sits beneath hundreds of Voice, Video, Messaging and IoT applications, we will focus on a subset of its capabilities in this comparison. I list 4 open source communications platforms below, including...

Restcomm Client iOS SDK Beta 4 is out

May 18, 2016
We are proud to announce 1.0.0 BETA 4 release of Restcomm Client iOS SDK, packed with brand new features. Restcomm Client for iOS allows you to leverage the telecommunication features of Restcomm. It offers a simple yet efficient Objective-C API that you can use to add rich communications capabilities to your iOS Apps. Features for this release: Introduced Cellular Data calling after fixing some TURN related issues in the media facilities. Added TLS support for...
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