29 Sep Telscale SMSC Gateway Processes 1 Million SMS in Record Time

Telestax is pleased to announce the result of our load test performed using the latest iteration of Telscale SMSC Gateway. The load test was performed on an Amazon cloud server with the follow specifications   Amazon Cloud Server specification Model vCPU Mem (GiB) SSD Storage (GB) Dedicated EBS Throughput (Mbps) m4.2xlarge 8 32 EBS-only 1,000 Server configuration Java version...

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08 Sep RestComm Media Server 3.0.3-M1 is out now

We are proud to announce that RestComm Media Server 3.0.3-M1 has been released to the public. This is the first milestone of the upcoming 3.0.3 release that will focus on solidifying the current audio implementation and addressing technical issues like memory leaks and CPU consumption.   Features One of the most notable issues...

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07 Sep TelScale CAMEL Gateway 6.2.0.GA Released!

Telestax is pleased to announce the release of TelScale CAMEL Gateway  6.2.0.GA. TelScale CAMEL Gateway is an Open Source Java based CAMEL Gateway Platform enabler intended for fast and easy Intelligent Networks (IN) services deployment in mobile networks using CAMEL Application Part (CAP) protocols. It enables operators to...

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