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RestcommONE JSLEE 6.1.5.GA released!

March 31, 2017
We are proud to announce RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE 6.1.5.GA certified against JAIN SLEE 1.1 (JSR 240) specification and working on top of JBoss AS5. This version is derived from the JAIN SLEE 2.x Community version, with an emphasis on stability, reliability for real-world carrier grade deployments. What was changed since last Release 6.1.4.GA: Updated Diameter stack and RAs to last release 6.2.2.GA Updated SS7 stack and RAs to last release 7.2.1.GA JBoss 5.1.0.GA...

Save The Date

March 21, 2017
We invite you to join us in beautiful Prague on May 23 through May 25 for our first annual Restconn community event. This event will be an action packed three days of presentations, a solutions showcase and the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. Members of the Telestax RestcommONE core engineering team will present talks that are specific to their area of technical expertise. Selected developers from other organizations like Google, Unifonic and NTT...

RestcommONE Android WebRTC SDK Beta 5 is out!

March 14, 2017
We are proud to announce the fifth Beta release of RestcommONE Android WebRTC SDK, packed with cool new features. RestcommONE Android WebRTC SDK allows you to leverage the telecommunication features of RestcommONE Connect. It offers a simple yet efficient Java API that you can use to add rich communications capabilities to your Apps. Features for this release: Introduced CD facilities using Travis CI; Olympus App and SDK reference doc are automatically deployed....

RestcommONE SIP Servlets 8.0.0.GA is now available!

March 4, 2017
We are proud to announce RestcommONE SIP Servlets 8.0.0.GA, certified against the Sip Servlets 1.1 specification and working on top of  Tomcat 8.0.26, Wildfly 10.0.0.Final, , and JBoss EAP7.0. Furthermore, this product release comes with the following new features: Support new Server JBoss EAP 7.0 and Wildfly 10, which run with Java 8. Modify 487 response reason. In addition, this product release also has the following fixes ReleaseNotes. As a result,...

RestcommONE JAIN SLEE 7.0.0 release is out!

February 25, 2017
We are happy to announce the RestcommONE JAIN SLEE 7.0.0 release! Changelog The main change of this release is migrating JAIN SLEE container from old JBoss 5.1.0.GA to last WildFly 10.1.0.Final. Now JAIN SLEE container is deployed as extension with modules. Migrated deployment process from deployer module to JAIN SLEE extension implementation. Migrated profiles and remote modules. Now JAIN SLEE container use RestcommONE Cluster 3 based on Infinispan ...

RestcommONE Media Server 6.0 Released!

February 24, 2017
TeleStax is pleased to announce that RestcommONE Media Server 6.0 has been released on GitHub! What's new? RestcommONE Media Server 6.0 offers a brand new MGCP stack which guarantees relevant improvements in terms of stability and performance! Furthermore, this release aims to help preventing CPU and Memory leaks originated by ghost media resources left uncheck by careless Call Agents. The inclusion of a new configuration parameter allows for users to limit...

RestcommONE Load Balancer 9.0.0 Final Release Is Out!

February 21, 2017
We are happy to announce the RestcommONE Load Balancer 9.0.0 Final release. Changelog The most notable changes and features of the Load Balancer 9.0.0 Final release are listed below: Changed node communication protocol; Added possibility use regex pattern for sticking to node; Added support change log level of LB at runtime; Full Changelog is available here. Download The latest stable build of RestcommONE Load Balancer is available here. ...

Introducing RVD's Control element

February 16, 2017
A shiny new element has been recently added to RVD. It's named 'Control' and aims to make RVD a little bit smarter. If you have worked with RVD you probably know that it is pretty easy to do simple things like Say announcements, Collect digits etc. However, when putting the slightest logic to the mix, like divert the application flow to another module, change the value of variables arbitrarily or parse a value returned from an External Service, things suddenly change. ...

Call Transfer for RestcommONE

February 3, 2017
We are pleased to announce that Call Transfer support was introduced as a part of the upcoming release of RestcommONE. This new feature enables usage of blind transfer capabilities in desk phones and other SIP clients such as Linphone. Besides with Linphone, it was also tested with Yealink SIP-T21P E2, Cisco SPA525G and Polycom SoundPoint IP 335. The feature is implemented by handling SIP Refer functionality and performing Live Call Modification. Below is a short overview. ...

RestcommONE Load Balancer 8.1.0 Final Released!

January 18, 2017
TeleStax is pleased to announce on GitHub the RestcommONE Load Balancer 8.1.0 Final release! RestcommONE Load Balancer 8.1.0 Final release has new features. Check out a list of some of them below: Added support of Graceful Shutdown Added the new work mode to SMPP Load balancer: client connections = server connections Optimized the starting process of SIP Load balancer Added possibility to get the list of nodes connected to the Load balancer Fixed small...
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