Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK Beta 6 is out!

June 19, 2017
We are proud to announce the 6th Beta release of Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK that comes with a focus on stabilization, serviceability, testability and various API improvements. Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK allows you to leverage the telecommunication features of Restcomm Connect. It offers a simple yet efficient Java API that you can use to add rich communications capabilities to your Apps. Features for this release: Provided better error reporting in the SDK's API...

Public RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE Training Session in Dubai

June 15, 2017
Are you a JAIN-SLEE developer eager to create your own customer service/SBB? Newbie or a pro, we will get you up to speed with the Telestax RestcommONE JAIN-SLEE training session on 10-14th July at Nassima Royal Hotel in Dubai. What would you learn? JAIN-SLEE concept and  fundamentals RestcommONE JSLEE server specifics JAIN-SLEE hands on (real-life business examples)   Who should attend? Anyone with proficiency level of Java and Event model,...

Load Balancer 10.1.0 Release Is Out!

June 14, 2017
We are happy to announce the RestcommONE Load Balancer 10.1.0 release. Changelog The most notable changes and features of RestcommONE Load Balancer 10.1.0 release are listed below: Added health check of the Nodes; Changed logic of PersistentConsistentHashBalancerAlgorithm; Fixed issue with files upload. Full RestcommONE Load Balancer 10.1.0 Changelog is available here. Download The latest and greatest stable build of RestcommONE Load Balancer 10.1.0...


June 6, 2017
We are happy to announce the Restcomm SMSC GW 7.3.0 and Telscale SMSC GW 7.3.1.GA releases are out! Restcomm SMSC GW 7.3.0  is a community release, Telscale SMSC GW 7.3.1.GA is for Telestax customers. Changelog Most notable changes and features of the Telscale SMSC GW 7.3 releases: Switching to the latest SLEE and binaries releases mproc rules: tlv_int_***, tlv_byte_***, tlv_string_*** conditions that trigger per a SMPP TLV flag MessageId based...

TelScale JSLEE 6.1.6.GA released!

June 3, 2017
We are proud to announce Telscale JAIN-SLEE 6.1.6.GA certified against JAIN SLEE 1.1 (JSR 240) specification and working on top of JBoss AS5. This version is derived from the JAIN SLEE 2.x Community version, with an emphasis on stability, reliability for real-world carrier grade deployments. What was changed since last Release 6.1.5.GA: Updated Diameter stack and RAs to last release 6.2.3.GA Updated SS7 stack and RAs to last release 7.3.2.GA SIP RA changes: ...

TelScale SIP Servlets 7.0.5.GA is now available!

June 2, 2017
We are proud to announce TelScale SIP Servlets 7.0.5.GA, certified against the Sip Servlets 1.1 specification and working on top of Tomcat 7.0.64, Tomcat 8.0.26, JBoss AS 7.2.0.Final, JBoss EAP 6.2., and JBoss EAP6.4. Furthermore, this product release comes with the following new features: Non-Blocking TCP Connect Configurable Timeout for Blocking TCP Connect In addition, this product release also has the following fixes ReleaseNotes. As a result, there...

Load Balancer 10.0.0 Final Release Is Out!

May 30, 2017
We are happy to announce the Restcomm Load Balancer 10.0.0 Final release. Changelog The most notable changes and features of the Load Balancer 10.0.0 Final release are listed below: Integration with kubernetes; Added possibility use url-rewrite tool in the HTTP Load balancer; Added possibility use ramp-up for restarted SIP Nodes; Improved work HTTP load balancer (removed chunk aggregator); Added possibility to add SMPP servers in runtime; Added...

Telestax® Launches the RestcommONE Marketplace™

May 22, 2017
Quickly Launching Their Own CPaaS Offering and Gaining Access To New CPaaS-Enabled Applications Produces A Significant Revenue Opportunity For Service Providers  PALO ALTO, Calif. and PRAGUE, Czech Republic – May 23, 2017 Telestax® the Restcomm company, today announced its RestcommONE Marketplace™ powered by their proven CPaaS (Communications Platform-as-a-Service) enablement platform, RestcommONE™. Service providers participating in the Marketplace are quickly...

RestComm SMPP-Extensions Stack and RA 7.0 RELEASED!

May 17, 2017
TeleStax is pleased to announce the release of  RestComm SMPP-extensions stack and RA 7.0 ! Telscale SMPP-extensions and RA will be prepared later to the next release. SMPP-extensions and SMPP RA can be used for getting access to SMPP part in projects under JBOSS server. SMPP RA supports now JBOSS 5.1 and WildFly 10 servers. Changelog This is the first release of SMPP-extensions and SMPP RA. You can read more about these in the GitHub directory...


May 17, 2017
TeleStax is pleased to announce the release of  RestComm JSS7 stack and RA 7.3 & Telscale JSS7 stack and RAs 7.3.1! Restcomm JSS7 7.3 release is a community release. Telscale JSS7 7.3.1.GA release is for Telscale customers. Changelog This is a first release with support of both JBOSS 5.1 and WilfFly 10 servers. Folder structure is changed because of it. Minor fixes : #210 - Adding support for JBOSS 10 (WildFly) sccprelay (first version) #234 Adding...

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