Virgin Mobile Boosts Buyer Engagement 300% via Telestax USSD

December 22, 2017
With a little under 4 million subscribers, Virgin Mobile tailors its service to a young market segment by providing flexible mobile contracts, fixed rates, and exclusive access to events and concerts. So it’s no wonder the company needed a fast and flexible way to establish and maintain their USSD Gateway. The goal for their gateway was two-fold: Enable them to offer their customers new services and deals in real-time and support the growth of the company. But their...

Censon Adds RestcommONE's Webrtc Features To CENSON® Care

December 20, 2017
RestcommONE Marketplace Partner Blog Series CENSON® Care recently completed a major revamp of its line of telemedicine solutions with the addition of voice and video consultations using RestcommOne. This transformation was completed in a short time period, and the results have been outstanding. Remote Patient Monitoring is the flagship product for CENSON® Care, used by home health care agencies, specialist medical clinics, and aged and chronic care providers around...

RestComm Media Server 7.0 Released!

November 20, 2017
TeleStax proudly announces that RestComm Media Server 7.0 is available on GitHub!   What's new on RestComm Media Server? OPUS Codec Most noteworthy, RestComm Media Server 7.0 brings support to OPUS codec! Opus distinguishes itself from most high quality formats by having low delay. It also supports high audio quality, thus distinguishing itself from low delay formats. In sum, Opus meets or exceeds existing codecs' quality across a wide range of bitrates...

Restcomm JSLEE 7.1.1.GA released!

November 20, 2017
We are proud to announce Restcomm JSLEE 7.1.1.GA release. Certified against JAIN SLEE 1.1 (JSR 240) specification and working on top of Wildfly 10.1.0. Latest changes in the Restcomm JSLEE 7.1.1.GA release: Now JAIN SLEE container is deployed as extension with modules Migrated deployment process from deployer module to JAIN SLEE extension implementation Migrated profiles and remote modules Now JAIN SLEE container uses Restcomm Cluster based on Infinispan ...

Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK Beta 7 is out!

November 15, 2017
We are proud to announce the 7th Beta release of Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK. It comes with a focus on stabilization, serviceability, testability and various fixes. Restcomm Android WebRTC SDK allows you to leverage the telecommunication features of Restcomm Connect. It offers a simple yet efficient Java API that you can use to add rich communications capabilities to your Apps. Features for this release: Added DNS SRV support in Android SDK to allow for more...


November 13, 2017
We are proud to announce Restcomm Client iOS SDK Beta 5. Restcomm Client iOS SDK allows you to leverage the telecommunication features of Restcomm. It offers a simple yet efficient Objective-C API that you can use to add rich communications capabilities to your iOS Apps. Features included in the release: CallKit is integrated into iOS SDK along with the push notifications; On the client Olympus application: Local phone's contacts are included on the...

Restcomm-Connect 8.2.1.GA release

October 24, 2017
Restcomm-Connect team is happy to announce Restcomm-Connect 8.2.1.GA release. This release comes with several new features and bug fixes, the most important ones are: Video support for Dialogic XMS media server - Organizations support - Connection pooling for better http performance - Record...

Restcomm-Connect MGCP resource metrics

October 24, 2017
Restcomm-Connect uses MGCP stack to control media server operations but this is a complex integration and needs careful steps in order ensure proper setup of the media path and to avoid media resources leaks. While Call and VoiceInterpreter FSM are properly setup to cleanup media resources, the so many exceptions in the call flows can easily break the rules and end up in mem leaks that affect performance. In order to ensure media resources cleanup, we introduced MGCP...


October 24, 2017
Restcomm now supports organizations.   Restcomm organizations feature will empower our customers to create their own organization on Restcomm platform. This means a customer Restcomm account will operate under their own organization on a unique domain. A domain is a custom DNS hostname that can accept traffic for your account. Having your organization on Restcomm means: You can create a custom domain in the form of or...

Restcomm-Connect Connection pooling

October 24, 2017
The HTTP Connection Pooling feature allows the Restcomm-Connect platform to be configured for better performance with HTTP requests. Instead of creating a new TCP connection per request, Connection Pooling will ensure that TCP sockets are reused reducing latency per request. This will affect how Restcomm-Connect downloads RCML documents from RVD and third party servers. Some information on the new parameters here: Http-client.connection-request-timeout: Maximum...

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