Author: Ivelin Ivanov

16 Apr Restcomm Performance Boost with v8.1.0

The core dev team ran Restcomm performance tests for the latest 8.1 release and reported the following results showing nearly 2x improvement: TEST SIMULTANEOUS CALLS MAXIMUM CALLS CALL RATE FAILED CALLS Play 1 minute announcement and hangup. 400 10,000 50 0 RCML Gather 350 10,000 50 0 RCML Dial Client 250 10,000 50  0 REST API Create Call  400  10,000  9  0   The test were executed against the full Restcomm CPaaS stack (signaling and media) running...

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Effective Open Source Community

14 Apr How to Build an Effective Open Source Community

While open source code and software is meant to streamline tech innovation in all sectors, many companies aren’t using it to its fullest potential. Rather, many companies make the mistake of seeing open source strictly as a means of saving money by taking a code foundation and turning it into a proprietary solution. Using open source as a means to proprietary ends only facilitates the “walled-garden” mindset that has dominated the business world. Developing an effective open source community requires a more definitive investment of time and resources.
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03 Feb The Four Big Trends In The Communications Marketplace For 2016

Forbes published a new report on The Four Big Trends In The Communications Marketplace For 2016. Technology enabled applications are communication solutions that go beyond traditional unified communications solutions like Jabber, Microsoft’s Skype/Lync, and Google Hangouts. Many companies are finding improved employee production and customer satisfaction...

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13 Jun Dialogic and Telestax enable a WebRTC application development environment at TADHack London

PARSIPPANY, N.J., June 8, 2015 – Dialogic, a global networking software and infrastructure solution provider, announces it will be a sponsor for the upcoming TADHack Global, June 13-14th. TADHack is a grass roots initiative focused on building a software-centric telecom application developer ecosystem.  The TADHack Global Hackathon has...

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05 Jun Bandwidth and Telestax Team Up for New Prize

Bandwidth and Telestax have teamed up for a Bandwidth network powered version of Restcomm for TADHack.  For developers who are interested, Telestax and Bandwidth have pre-installed and configured Restcomm integrated with Bandwidth APIs for activating phone numbers, voice and messaging. Developers who build their hack on...

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23 May Enterprise WebRTC call center for banking and finance with Restcomm

Enterprise WebRTC call center for banking and finance has been a common use case for Restcomm in 2015. Several factors highlight this trend: Ability to connect securely via popular desktop browsers instead of a dedicated office phone device Securely connecting customers and agents on the go from...

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