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Imagine being a service provider that delivers the best CPaaS solutions in the market to your business customers in record time. Now imagine having a growing portfolio of revenue-generating applications that utilize real-time voice, video and messaging, are pre-integrated and can easily be customized. And because you become your own CPaaS, you benefit from greatly increased margins and keep all the traffic on your own network. Only the RestcommONE Marketplace delivers all of this and much more.

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Telestax’s RestcommONE platform is changing the way real-time communications are developed and delivered. Tested and proven in the market, it is built on top of Restcomm, the leading open source real-time communications platform, that is currently used by 80% of tier-1 carriers and most of today’s CPaaS offerings.

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“The RestcommONE Marketplace is a disruptive force in the real-time communications market…”


“Telestax is bringing real-time communications into the mainstream…”


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From Messaging & Voice to Integrating External Apps.


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“The RestcommONE Marketplace is a new business model for us and we are very excited about it.”

Edward Fox

VP Network Services


“The beauty of RestcommONE is that we can use the platform and marketplace and bring our own network.”

Ravi Vedantum

Chief Technology Officer


“RestcommONE is a great new business model that creates new opportunities for everyone involved.”

Terry Hsiao

Founder and CEO

Hook Mobile

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Companies around the world are using our leading real-time communication solutions and services to address the needs of their customers and increase their revenue.